Friday, March 6, 2009

The last few days have been horrible for me.  There is a level of knowledge I am missing about .NET and Powershell that is preventing me from doing great new creative things. Fortunately, there are brilliant coders like Josh Einstein and others stumbling across similar issues. For example:

It's amazing how useful ad-hoc discussions about new features in CTPv3 are to many us. "Jaykul"Bennett posted one I am sure is being mined from all over the world:

Oh well, back to Holmes, Payette, Deshev, and others and see if I can figure out what I am doing. Perhaps some time spent just reading .NET  and C# books would be useful....hmmmm...

I've posted this:
"In learning Powershell, once you are over the humps of the pipeline, 
automatic variables, conditional loops, .NET, network admin tricks 
etc. (e.g. a "better cmd line"),  you are faced with absorbing the 
intent of the architects in creating and using functionality like: 

params for Functions 
Cmdlet architecture 

etc. and a subset of other dev skillsets like error handling, 
debugging that would make the difference for between someone who is 
rewriting his 10 line cmd scripts or someone who is creating 
significant functionality in Powershell scripts.  I think what I would 
like is book with a title like "Design Patterns for Powershell" that 
provides examples and discussion on how to best implement Powershell 
for performance, for re-usable design, when something more "lambda" 
than "imperative" makes sense and the converse.  Currently, there is a 
lot of research leg work to go through to come up with this "all by 
your lonesome".  Other pieces of this might be a Visio or VisStudio 
design template(s), advice on writing testable and easily debugged 
functions, PSIE extensions that provide for intellisense or design 
templates. It's true folks like Bennet, Lee, Snover, Payette, Holmes, 
and the Powershell team have some discussion and some examples  about 
this...but I find myself with many questions...and feeling a little 
confused.  Do I need to master "Design Patterns for C#" or understand 
Functional Language style vs. Imperative Language issues before I 
write elegant, correct, re-usable functions, and scriplets for 

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